Fatal Accident in New Port Richey Serves as an Important Reminder for UM Insurance

A fatal accident on Madison Street in New Port Richey occurred when a Mustang going at a high rate of speed crashed into a power pole. The Mustang was torn in half as a result of the crash, and debris was littered down the street.

Crews spent an entire morning clearing the car and removing debris from the roadway. Utility crews also worked to fix the pole and the power lines. About 1,000 Duke Energy customers were left without power. All power was restored after a few hours.

This accident serves as a morbid reminder of the importance of Uninsured Motorist or UnderInsured Motorist Coverage. Should an investigation lead a reasonable factfinder to conclude that another vehicle was responsible, in whole or in part, then the family/Estate for the victim would be entitled to pursue a claim against the UM carrier. Florida UM policies provide that the carrier step into the shoes of the at-fault party, even if the at-fault party is unidentified and thus defined as a “phantom vehicle.”

The UM insurance company pays when the other driver does NOT have any insurance. UM coverage pays for most of the things that the other person’s insurance would have paid if it existed. UM insurance coverage should cover the following losses:

  • Ambulance fees, paramedic fees, hospital and medical bills, such as Dental, X-Rays, MRI and Prescriptions
  • Loss of Wages, Earnings and Income
  • Pain, Suffering, Disfigurement, Emotional Distress and Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Loss of Future Earnings and Earning Capacity

Remember, UM or UIM coverage is not a gift or present from your own insurance company, so do not be afraid to make a claim against your own insurance company. You already paid a premium for it, so do not trick yourself into thinking that you are taking “advantage” of your insurance company or doing anything wrong because you have to make an uninsured motorist claim.

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