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Hurricane season officially begins June 1st, peaks September 10th, and officially ends November 30th. Our Pasco County Injury Attorneys at Whittel & Melton have compiled some helpful information on being prepared for any tropical storms and hurricanes that occur during the season and appropriate steps to take in the event you have a home, business, or property that is affected by a storm.

List of 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Names:

  • Andrea
  • Barry
  • Chantal
  • Dorian
  • Erin
  • Fernand
  • Gabrielle
  • Humberto
  • Imelda
  • Jerry
  • Karen
  • Lorenzo
  • Melissa
  • Nestor
  • Olga
  • Pablo
  • Rebekah
  • Sebastien
  • Tanya
  • Van
  • Wendy

While there’s no way to prevent a tropical storm or hurricane, you should take steps to protect your loved ones and property from a storm. Our Pasco County Injury Attorneys at Whittel & Melon are committed to making New Port Richey, Dade City, Zephyrhills, Land O’Lakes, Hudson, Holiday, Lutz, Trinity and Wesley Chapel a safe place for all. Below we have outlined some practical safety measures, and how we can help you rebuild after a hurricane, like Hurricane Dorian.

Hurricane Preparedness for Homeowners & Property Owners

It is very important for homeowners to keep proper records of their property’s condition in the event that it is necessary to file a claim through their insurance company.

Before a Tropical Storm or Hurricane:

  • Take pictures of your property.
  • If you are not able to get any pictures before a storm, collect the most recent photos you have taken of your property.

After the Tropical Storm or Hurricane:

  • Once it is safe to do so, take pictures of your property’s interior, exterior, and roof.
  • Before making any statements to your insurance company or meeting with an adjuster, consult with an attorney who can handle insurance claims.
  • Homeowners should get an inspection performed by a qualified contractor and/or roofer to assess whether the hurricane force winds have damaged or diminished the roofing system.

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There is nothing that can compare to the helplessness we feel after a hurricane. We are unable to stop or limit the outcome of these natural disasters, like Hurricane Irma headed our way. While we can all take protective measures to help reduce the amount of damage Irma might cause to our property, there are no guarantees of what could happen.

Hurricanes are totally unpredictable and can cause wind damage, water damage, destroy vehicles and homes, and leave behind massive amounts of other problems to your home or property. You could be facing a whole laundry list of issues that force you to file a claim with your insurance company, only to find that your valid claims are denied or hardly paid for by your insurance company.

An insurance company’s job is to take in as much money as possible and pay out as little as they can. Regardless of what your policy says, insurance adjusters will offer the minimum or make you a “lowball” offer when it comes to covering damage to your property. To remedy this situation, talk to our New Port Richey Hurricane Claims Attorney at Whittel & Melton regarding your options for flood damage.

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