Dade City Injury Lawyer :: CDC Reveals Top Causes of Food Poisoning

While you may think that food poisoning is an uncommon occurrence, a new study conducted by the CDC urges you to think again. In fact, food poisoning sickens roughly 48 million Americans annually. Fortunately, for most of those affected it is not too serious of an illness. However, the CDC notes that around 3,000 people die every year from illnesses stemming from food poisoning.

So, what is the biggest culprit? This probably does not come as a shocker to anyone, but Salmonella bacteria takes first place. Now, what may surprise you is where Salmonella and other types of food poisoning infections originate from.

The most common sources of foodborne illness are raw eggs, meat and poultry. Salmonella in eggs and E. coli in beef are at the top of the list for sources of food poisoning. According to NBC News, the No. 1 source of death from food poisoning is Salmonella from undercooked or raw chicken.

freeimage-6364638.jpgBut, here is something you may not know. The biggest source of foodborne illness traces back to leafy green vegetables. In fact, veggies are linked to 20 percent of all food poisoning cases in the U.S. each year. Other vegetable sources of illness besides leafy green veggies include tomatoes, sprouts and peppers.

While some food contamination can happen at home in your very own kitchen, a lot of foodborne illnesses occur in restaurant kitchen. The CDC states that almost half of all outbreaks can be traced back to commercial kitchens.

So, how can you keep yourself and your family safe? The best way to protect your family is by educating yourself about the issue. Keep yourself updated on reports of food poisoning outbreaks and recalls so that you know what products and places to avoid.

Remember, if you fall ill from a contaminated food source at a restaurant, you may be able to take legal action against the eatery for failing to follow safety precautions. Keep in mind this can be difficult because food poisoning can be tricky to prove, unless there is a huge outbreak causing multiple people to become sick.

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