Dade City Woman Killed in Head-On Collision

A 48-year-old woman from Dade City was killed in a head-on crash Sunday afternoon.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the Dade City woman was driving westbound on Blanton Road approaching Country Squire Lane just before 6 p.m. at the time of the crash.

Troopers believe the woman’s vehicle, a 2004 F-150 pickup truck, drifted for unknown reasons into the eastbound lane and collided head-on with a 2012 Jeep SUV.

The Dade City woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the Jeep was transported to an area hospital with serious injuries.

The crash remains under investigation.

A Head-on collision is exactly as it sounds – when the front of one motor vehicle strikes the front of another car. Head-on collisions are among the most serious auto accidents and usually result in severe injuries or death due to the amount of forces involved when two heavy, moving motor vehicles crash into one another.   

Head-on crashes on highways are quite dangerous because of the high speed of the vehicles involved. The sheer magnitude of the forces involved can cause occupants of motor vehicles involved in a head-on collision to suffer catastrophic head and brain injuries or spinal cord injuries resulting in paraplegia or quadriplegia as well as fractures and internal injuries.

Due to how serious head-on crashes are, it is important to select an injury attorney who is familiar with these accidents and knows how to properly investigate these claims. Sadly, because these type of accidents consistently result in death, your attorney must have the resources to consult with experts to adequately evaluate the victim’s damages to make sure you are compensated fairly.

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