Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk on Superbowl Sunday

Law enforcement officials throughout the state will be cracking down on drunk driving this Super Bowl weekend. It’s all a part of the national campaign “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk.”

When it comes time for the big game, fans will be cheering either the Seahawks or the Patriots at a local sports bar, a restaurant or over at a friend or family member’s house. Because of these rowdy sports events, there is usually a significant increase in the number of drunk driving accidents in the early and late evening hours. Expect to see more law enforcement officials on Pasco County roadways to help get any dangerous drivers off of our streets and highways.

Super Bowl parties usually start mid-afternoon and continue into Sunday night. Due to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 16165977478_fa0a3fc559_zcampaign, more than 170,000 NFL fans have pledged to be designated drivers this season, a new record! However, that does not mean no drunk driving accidents will occur. You can help by making sure that you and those you love stay out of the driver’s seat after consuming any amount of alcohol during this year’s Super Bowl extravaganza.

Whether attending the game, watching at a sports bar or hosting a party, the NHTSA is urging everyone to ensure a designated driver is on their team. Before heading out, make sure that you have a designated driver if drinking is going to be involved in your Super Bowl party. If you are going to be drinking, pace yourself. Should you find yourself drunk and without a designated driver, ask a sober friend or family member to give you a ride home, call a cab company or stay where you are and sleep it off.

If you are hosting a Super Bowl celebration, remember to make sure that everyone in your crew has a designated driver before kickoff. Keep plenty of non-alcoholic beverages for these drivers and consider shutting down the bar at the end of the third quarter. And most importantly, make sure that you have phone numbers to local cab companies ready to give out to help intoxicated friends and family members get home safely.

In the unfortunate event that you or a family member is hurt in a drunk driving accident, a Pasco County Injury and Wrongful Death Lawyer at Whittel & Melton can help. We will fight aggressively to recover full and fair financial compensation for all expenses resulting from the crash. Our ultimate goal is to hold the negligent drunk driver accountable for their actions so that no one else suffers unnecessary harm. Call us today at 727-847-2299 or contact us online for a free consultation.



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