Fireworks Employee Injured During Fourth of July Show at Pasco County Fairgrounds

A 49-year-old man who works for a fireworks company was injured during the Fourth of July show at the Pasco County Fairgrounds Wednesday night.

The man sustained burns and shrapnel wounds on his face and hands after a mortar shell blew up after clearing the launch tube.

While the man’s injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, they were severe enough to cancel Wednesday’s fireworks display, which was rescheduled for July 5.

1279639_abstract_fireworks.jpgThe man was taken to a local hospital, but his condition was not released Wednesday night.

The Pasco Fire Rescue and fire marshal will investigate the accident.

Fireworks of any kind can be extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, even professionals cannot always protect themselves from fireworks injuries. Any lack of care when handling these explosives or any defects during the design or manufacturing process can result in serious injuries and even death. Every year, many injuries and fatalities are caused by defective or misused fireworks.

Misguided or defective fireworks can cause everlasting scarring, third-degree burn injuries and even blindness. The areas of the body most frequently injured by fireworks include the hands, head and eyes. While burns are the most common forms of firework-related injuries, contusions, lacerations and foreign bodies in the eye can also result after a fireworks accident.

Suffering injuries from a professional fireworks display can raise a variety of issues due to the fact that many of these shows are put on by local or city governments. The federal, state and local rules surrounding the use of fireworks are quite complex, which can make pursuing compensation challenging. Due to the complicating factors surrounding fireworks accidents, your first step after suffering any type of injury caused by fireworks should be to contact an injury attorney who is familiar with the complications this type of case can present.

Whether your injuries occurred in a public or private setting, the Pasco County Injury Lawyers at Whittel & Melton can offer the legal guidance and capable advocacy that can help you obtain the just compensation you merit.

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