Motorcyclist Dies From Injuries Suffered in Guardrail Accident

A motorcyclist injured earlier this week after he smashed into a guardrail has died.

According to officials,  the 31-year-old Spring Hill man was critically injured Wednesday evening while traveling on Little Road approaching U.S. 19.

Reports indicate that he failed to negotiate a left curve and went off the road. The motorcycle then crashed into the guardrail, ejecting the man from the bike.

He was transported to and treated at Bayonet Point Hospital where he passed away Thursday from his injuries.

Officials said the man was wearing a motorcycle helmet at the time of the crash, and the incident was not alcohol related.

Roadside barriers, like guardrails are designed to protect vehicles from running off the road, colliding with trees, or driving off of bridges. Guardrails can be seen all over major highways and roads throughout the country and they are credited with saving countless lives and minimizing accidents and injuries.

However, when it comes to motorcycles, guardrails actually pose a safety risk to riders. Guardrails are designed for larger closed vehicles, not open ones like motorcycles. Even though a guardrail is designed to stop a car from running off the road, a guardrail is more likely to stop a motorcycle and cause the driver to be thrown from their bike, as this case shows.

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