Pasco County Auto Accident Lawyer :: Largo Man Killed in I-75 Collision

602535_seatbelt.jpgDade City, FL – A 20-year-old Largo man died after losing control of his vehicle Thursday and crashing into a tree on Interstate 75.

The man was driving his 1996 Pontiac Grand Am north on I-75 around 12:50 a.m. when he swerved into the median, overcorrected back onto the road, veered onto the shoulder and slammed into a tree.

The Florida Highway Patrol said the car overturned and landed on its side.

The man was not wearing a seat belt and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities are still investigating factors that could have caused or contributed to this fatal accident.

While authorities are still reviewing the possible causes of this tragic accident, it is significant to bring up the importance of wearing a seat belt. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that nearly 10,000 lives are saved every year due to drivers and passengers wearing seatbelts. Sadly, statistics show that seatbelts are only used by 81 percent of all drivers. Any time you get into a vehicle, as a driver or passenger, taking the time to buckle up can save your life in the event of an accident. However, it is important to note that even with the use of a seat belt, serious personal injuries and even wrongful death can occur in the untimely event of an auto collision. Despite seatbelt use, statistics from the NHTSA reveals around 100,000 people suffer severe injury while another 4,100 die annually in auto accidents.

Car accidents happen every day throughout Pasco County for a variety of reasons and because of this, the Pasco County Auto Accident Lawyers at Whittel & Melton want to remind you of how important it is to wear your seat belt. By making sure you and your passengers are buckled up, you could prevent fatal tragedies from occurring. We understand that unavoidable accidents can occur in the blink of an eye. We can provide you with the helpful legal assistance you need in order to get through this challenging time.

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in an auto accident in Pasco County, and you believe that you are entitled to compensation, contact a Pasco County Auto Accident Lawyer at Whittel & Melton online or call 727-847-2299 to find out how we can help you.

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