Pasco County Baby in Critical Condition After Falling into Pool

A 1-year-old boy in Wesley Chapel is in critical condition after Pasco County Fire rescue says he fell into a pool.

The near-drowning happened on Tremont Drive in Wesley Chapel around 7 p.m.

The boy has been transported to an area hospital. No further information is available at this time.

Drowning, in a swimming pool or another body of water, is a very real threat, especially to babies and young children. Drowning is the leading cause of all accidental deaths among children one to four years of age, and the next leading cause among all children from one to 14 years of age.

Drownings and swimming accidents can easily occur in public and private swimming pools, fitness clubs, lakes, ponds, and rivers, and even in home spas, hot tubs, or  bathtubs. In non-fatal drowning cases, brain damage can happen after only four minutes of submersion. An estimated 20% of drowning victims suffer severe, permanent neurological disability if they survive the incident.

Negligence usually plays a part in drowning and near-drowning cases. The cause could be a lack of supervision on the premises or a problem with the facility. If you or someone you love has died or suffered serious injury as the result of a swimming pool accident, our Pasco County Swimming Pool Accident Attorneys at Whittel & Melton can evaluate your case for free. Call us today at 727-847-2299 or contact us online.


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