Pasco County Landfill Worker Killed in Machinery Accident

An investigation is ongoing into the death of a worker killed at a Pasco County landfill.

The 46-year-old worker at a private landfill in Hudson was found dead Saturday morning in what deputies say appears to be a work-related accident.

The body of the man was found at Coastal Landfill Disposal, a privately owned landfill at 11416 Houston Ave.

The death doesn’t appear to be suspicious.

Pasco County Sheriff’s investigators said the worker had been in a trash shredding machine clearing a jam when he instructed other workers to restart the machine.

After approximately 1 to 2 hours, the other workers realized they had not seen the man and did not know where he was since repairing the machine. They began digging through the debris the machine discarded into the landfill and located his body.  

The Sheriff’s Office’s forensics unit as well as officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating.

In most construction jobs and some other occupations, large equipment, machines, and vehicles are necessary to complete the work project. As an employee, you can be expected to work with heavy machines every single day. work with and around them every single day. The bad news about this line of work is that it places you and your co-workers at constant risk for serious injuries or wrongful death.

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