Pasco Plane Crash Takes the Life of Odessa Man

965215_ultralight_plane.jpgA 53-year-old Odessa, Florida man was killed in an ultralight plane crash at Pilot Country Airport just north of Land O’Lakes on Sunday.

The man was apparently practicing “crow hops” when somewhere in the series of short takeoffs and landings, the ultralight flew into the air. At around 8:30 a.m. the plane snagged power lines, due to flying too low, and crashed.

The crash killed the man.

Three hours later and 12 miles away, another man was killed in an ultralight crash in Hernando County. At 11:30 a.m. a 50-year-old Spring Hill man died at the Hernando County Airport after his ultralight stalled at 200 feet in the air and burst into flames as it spiraled down to the ground.

Ultralights fly low and slow, maxing out at 55 mph. While ultralight fatalities are unusual, in 1995 another pilot was killed shortly after taking off from Pilot Country.

Aircraft accidents may be rare, but they are not unheard of. When these unfortunate accidents occur, the results can be tragic. In many aircraft crashes, no one survives. If you have been injured or if a loved one was killed in an aircraft collision, you may be entitled to receive compensation for damages. Whether you suffered injuries in a jumbo jet or helicopter crash or lost someone close to you in a small private plane or ultralight collision, the Pasco County Injury Attorneys at Whittel & Melton can explore the facts surrounding the accident and work aggressively to recover the full and fair compensation you deserve.

A variety of factors can lead to an aviation accident, including:

• Pilot Error
• Engine Failure
• Runway Defects
• Poor Maintenance
• Faulty Electronics
• Defective Parts
• Structural Issues

Many aircraft accidents, including ultralight crashes, are quickly blamed on pilot error or unfavorable weather conditions. While these in fact could have contributed to the accident, it is extremely important to review the accident entirely in order to rule out any other parties that may be at fault. The Pasco County Injury Attorneys at Whittel & Melton understand how important it is to fully investigate every detail of a personal injury or wrongful death case.

Until every shred of evidence surrounding an aircraft crash has been examined, do not overlook the possibility that another person could be responsible for your personal injuries or a loved one’s wrongful death. We can protect your rights and make sure that any positive evidence to help with your case is shielded from possible tampering. To speak with us about your aircraft accident in Zephyrhills, Land O’Lakes, Hudson, Holiday, Lutz or Trinity, contact the Pasco County Injury Attorneys at Whittel & Melton online or call 727-847-2299.

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