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There are an estimated 18 million Americans who suffer from sleep apnea, a condition that can be dangerous and disrupt a person’s ability to breathe normally while sleeping. In the past, those diagnosed with sleep apnea would be prescribed a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP machine) that can pump air into a person’s lungs continuously as they sleep at night. These machines provide a more restful night of sleep for users and also make sure that the right oxygen levels are maintained.

In June 2021, the Philips CPAP recall affected roughly four million devices in the United States. Users of these defective devices were left to suffer by not using their device or continue using them at an added risk. Philips has issued statements that they will replace or fix all their defective devices, but have said that it will take until September 2022 to get the job done.

pillows-g979174480_1280-300x200This situation is less than ideal for CPAP users, and for some it can be life- threatening. Now there is a new study that has emerged linking sleep apnea to increased complications or death from COVID19.

COVID-19 and Sleep Apnea

Research from the Cleveland Clinic shows that sleep apnea increased the risks of severe COVID19 and death. The study found the following:

  • Patients suffering from sleep apnea in the study who contracted COVID19 were 31% more likely to suffer from serious complications needing hospitalization
  • Patients suffering from sleep apnea in the study who contracted COVID19 were 31% more likely to die

In May of 2021, another study conducted at Kaiser Permanente in California found that sleep apnea patients had a higher infection rate of COVID19. The study also found that the longer patients used an assisted breathing device through the night, the less likely they were to contract COVID19.

Philips CPAP Recall

Philips recalled millions of their CPAP devices, BiPAP and ventilator machines in June 2021 following complaints that their devices had foam particles breaking down, resulting in users inhaling and ingesting these toxins that could cause short and long-term health issues.

The following machines have been recalled:

  • E30 (Emergency Use Authorization)
  • DreamStation ASV
  • DreamStation (ST, AVAPS)
  • SystemOne (ASV4)
  • C Series (ASV, S/T, AVAPS)
  • OmniLab Advanced Plus (In-Lab Titration Device)
  • SystemOne (Q Series)
  • DreamStation (CPAP, Auto CPAP, BiPAP)
  • DreamStation GO (CPAP, APAP)
  • Dorma 400,500 (CPAP)
  • REMStar SE Auto (CPAP)
  • Trilogy100
  • Trilogy 200
  • A-Series BiPAP Hybrid (A30) – not marketed in the United States
  • A-Series BiPAP V30 (Auto)
  • Garbin Plus, Aeris, LifeVent
  • A-Series BiPAP A40
  • A-Series BiPAP A30

Class actions lawsuits have been filed against Philips seeking compensation for injuries and illnesses, lost wages, emotional and physical suffering.

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