Wesley Chapel Injury Lawyer :: Risk Factors Associated with Florida Rubbernecking

Any time a Pasco County accident takes place on a busy road or highway, there is always the chance that a collision can quickly turn into a multi-vehicle pileup. Sometimes a multi-vehicle collision can happen because other cars cannot brake in time to avoid an accident. And then there are times when a pileup accident could have been avoided, but wasn’t because other drivers were stopping to look at the original crash, which is commonly referred to as rubbernecking.

When an accident occurs, it is only natural for other motorists to take a peek at what happened. However, understand that this behavior is quite risky. Rubbernecking causes your eyes to leave the road and focus on something else entirely, which increases the danger of:

freeimage-4945900.jpg• Drifting Out of Your Lane
• Rear-Ending the Car in Front of You
• Colliding with Pedestrians, Bicyclists or Other Objects in the Road
• Losing Control of Your Car
Any time a driver takes his or her focus off the road, this is dangerous not only to yourself, but to your passengers and anyone else sharing the road with you. When an accident happens and multiple drivers partake in rubbernecking, this increases the likeliness of an accident because multiple drivers are not paying attention. Sadly, this can result in multiple accidents that could have been avoided if drivers were paying attention to driving.

Motorists must keep their eyes on the road at all times, despite the temptation of other distractions. A distracted driver that causes a wreck can be held liable for the damages associated with that accident including any personal injuries caused.

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