Zephyrhills Injury Attorney :: Girl Injured in Stroller Accident to Begin Rehab at Jacksonville Hospital

Zephyrhills, FL – A 9-year-old special needs girl from Zephyrhills who was in a coma after her stroller plunged into the Erie Canal four months ago, will leave the New York hospital she has been at to begin rehab in Jacksonville.

The girl was riding in a double stroller with her brother on Aug. 15 when their father glanced at his phone and lost control of the stroller.

The girl’s brother managed to escape the incident without serious injury. The girl is not expected to regain higher levels of brain functioning.

502442_twins_strolling.jpgThe family was in New York to get medical treatment for another son when the incident occurred.

Most U.S. families with young children own a stroller used to transport children both outdoors and indoors. Sadly, every year more than 13,000 children are injured in stroller accidents. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over the course of a four-year period, more than 64,000 children under the age of 3 suffered injuries in stroller-related accidents. Nearly one-quarter of these injuries caused closed-head and extremity fractures. Another 70 percent of those injured were admitted to hospitals for head trauma.

Strollers are designed to keep children safe when traveling over outdoor or indoor surfaces. These devices use restraint systems and wheels that are able to maneuver easily over any obstructions on the ground or floor surfaces. However, when travelling at fast speeds a child may be ejected from the stroller should the safety straps fail. Additionally, children can be exposed to metal parts on the stroller since they are designed to break down easily, which can result in a loss of limbs or other serious injuries.

If your child has been injured in an accident involving a stroller, it is possible that the manufacturer could be responsible for damages if they failed to warn of defects. A Pasco County Injury Attorney at Whittel & Melton can help you determine if you have a case and assist you with obtaining the compensation you and your family deserves. Contact us today online or dial us locally at 727-847-2299.

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